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Don't let today's opportunities pass you by

1. Register your own domain name
Giving your business a unique ".com, .net, .org or .edu address on the internet is of crucial importance with establishing a business and professional online presence. Domain names are similar to phone numbers, you own it as long as you pay the bill. We provide domain name registration services for the top level domains .com, .net, .org, and .edu . Call or E-mail us and we'll check if a desirable domain name is available. One of the most important aspects to consider when going online with your business is finding the right domain name. The one you choose should be distinct, memorable and easily associated with your company's product, service or image. Once we have your domain name address "turned-on" we'll put together a start-up page and have a site up within hours, from there we'll work behind the scenes on a complete Web site and customized online marketing concepts.

2. Let the whole world have access
It will be available to any person in the world 24/7 - 365 days a year. Your business will be connected to a global economy of more than 332+ million users. Typical costs for hosting a name can vary. Most Web servers charge $20.00 to $50.00 a month, depending on speed, Web site size and whether or not you need dial-up access/e-mail. Enabling your Web site to process credit cards transactions in real time will increase sales dramatically.

3. Get feedback from your Web site via e-mail
Customers can make inquiries by e-mail or by completing a request form. Enabling your Web site to process secure transactions from checks or credit cards has become a norm of doing business today. Make certain you list your toll free number also. Studies have concluded that many potential customers will use businesses that have toll free numbers rather than those that don't. A typical toll free number cost $5.00 a month and 10-16 cents a minute.

4. Promotion is everything! Put your e-mail and Web site addresses on everything!
Get that Web address on your business cards, brochures, letterhead, basically everywhere a potential client could see this info. Each company vehicle should also have your Web site address plainly visible. Make certain you know your own e-mail and Web site address. You need to know what your e-mail address and Web site address is immediately on request. It is amazing how many employees and owners of businesses don't have this info memorized or promote their Web site. It is equally amazing how many are embarrassed of the current Web site being used. A good first impression can be priceless. Will your site have compelling or current content?

5. Give everyone in your business access to e-mail.
Your employees can be one of the largest sources of inexpensive advertising if you play your cards right. A welcomed perk by most workers.

We added a step, so now there is six!

6. Promote your Web site with our site promotion services. 
Your Web site is similar to a print brochure in some ways, you still need to get your info in front of decision makers. If your print brochure is collecting dust under your counter or in your closet, why waste your hard earned money? Your Web site also needs to be marketed and promoted. There are many ways to promote your Web site, and we have developed numerous strategies to get as many buyers to your Web site as possible. There are many technical and common sense ways to bring in the traffic. What about the cutting edge techniques? We have been able to get many of our clients in the top 1% of most search engines for targeted keywords.

In summary, we believe these six recommendations represent the  best mix of cost, benefit and risk for every business today. We welcome the opportunity to provide these services to you. Please visit our contact us page or call Chad Jones @ 218-387-2075.



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