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Year 2002 marks 410+ million
Internet users!

Recently the Internet has become extremely user-friendly and popular, possibly even ordinary...both for individuals and for businesses. In the past, commercial activities on the Internet were limited, but today not only can business be done on the Internet, it is being done by hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of individuals everyday. There are many reasons why this is happening. We have listed some here you might find interesting -- and profitable.

The Internet is experiencing incredible growth in terms of the number of users. The current access numbers are staggering, and the growth rate is geometric. More than 145,000 individuals go online everyday. Once the sheer size of the Internet is understood, its potential to connect individuals and businesses becomes clear and rather astronomical.

United States Adult Citizens

30%  $25,000 - $50,000

25%  $50,000 - $100,000

20%  $100,000 or more

15%  $25,000 or less


In October 1993 there were 2.2 million host computers offering access to the internet. By the end of March 1997 there were an estimated 12.5 million host computers. Each host has the capability of serving thousands of users. Some of whom are interested in what you have to offer.

The research firm Hambreccht & Quist estimates there are currently at least 332+ million Internet users, with over 300 million expected by the year 2000. It is estimated that at least 145,000 people get hooked up to an on-line service every day.

Over 85% of the Internet has the commercial (.com) designation. In other words, 85% of the 332+ million people currently using the Internet are using it commercially. The growth of the commercial sector is estimated at 10-13 percent a month.

A Web server is the computer that serves an HTML document (like this one) to the Internet. Each Web server can host from dozens to hundreds of Web sites. In June 1993, there were approximately 130 Web servers. By November 1996, the number had grown to an estimated 28,000 servers; that's a 21,000% increase! Analysts estimate up to 100 new Web servers go online daily. The total is expected to reach well over two hundred thousand by the year 2000.

The Lycos index has indexed more than 100 million unique Web addresses! Each Web address represents a unique document serving information to the Internet community. The volume of data transmitted over the Web in 1992 was around 500 megabytes. During a single 6-hour period in mid-September of 1996, the amount of data transferred was 130 gigabytes! Those figures are expected to more than quadruple by 2000.

Below are visual representations of the incredible size and growth of the Internet and its World Wide Web.

The Web, more than any other area of the Internet, has really shown a large increase in the number of users and hosts. This graph reflects this incredible growth.

This graph shows a comparison between the old Internet services and the new. The Web has taken an incredible leap ahead of Gopher services, and it continues to grow.

Even though this chart was compiled from last year's data, one can see the vast world wide area the Internet reaches. The purple area shows places the Internet has a presence. Click on image for larger map.


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