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Is Your Web site Working?

What About Your Online Marketing Plans? 

No? Maybe. You're not sure?

While you're trying to figure out what to do on the Web, your competition is probably becoming "head and shoulders" above the you, the former competition!

We have been creating Web sites, Web marketing plans and online business concepts since 1996. We own and operate many commercial Web sites and have developed over 500 business sites for companies all over North America. Owning and operating 3 of our own commercial sites is one of our many advantages we offer our clients(see canoecountry.com®, queticopark.com™ or northshoreinfo.com)

Many of the sites we create and manage are in the top 1% for a particular concepts targeted keywords. We can enable and educate you and your company, then develop an online business concept and online marketing strategies. ::::::Waiting:::::: will only mean that you won't be the first. ::::::Waiting:::::: will most likely mean that your domain name will be taken. ::::::Waiting::::::is something we do at cross walks.

Through the years we have helped our clients inform the masses, hold online classrooms, broadcast data and images via satellite, sell canoe trips, sell log homes, sell clothing, sell animals, sell dog sledding adventures to the North Pole, and even maple syrup. We've consulted and developed Web sites from 300 bucks to 1.2  m i l l i o n  d o l l a r s , your probably somewhere between these...

If you would like a free consultation or quote for setting up an online presence, whether basic or big time, please call 218-387-2075 or complete our contact form.

Other services offered; Web site appraisals, educational programs, expert witnessing, and cyber business solutions.



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