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No matter what your business, from banking to banana farming, get ready to start doing it electronically. Businesses planning to stay in business beyond today will likely find a computer and a communications line at the beginning, middle and end of most communications and transactions.

You will already find many of your competitors on the Internet. At this point, the question should no longer be if, but when, and how? your business will adapt to this new challenge.

The competitive advantages are enormous. The Internet puts your business in direct contact with a multitude of competitive suppliers and services. This, in addition to millions of customers! From raw materials to employee health plans, it's all instantly available on the Internet.

The survival of your business will depend on how well you do at setting up shop along the information superhighway. Does or will your Web site answer the users needs? Are you going to drive traffic to your Web site? Do you know how to market your Web site in the online market place?

For a small business, the path to meeting this challenge can be filled with pitfalls. Many of the Web sites we are hired for have been self or friend of a friend developed. It takes special skills and resources to establish a successful presence in cyberspace the first time.

That's where " Northland " . . . comes in.

Northland has online expertise that will lead the way for your company's future. Our experience in the technical, marketing, graphic design, as well as creative aspects of online business will provide you a smooth onramp to your company's success on the information superhighway. Choose your businesses Web developer with the same criteria as you would a business partner. Ask for references and establish how long have they been in this business. Do they own any commercial Web sites? Do they really understand how much this means to your business? 

By joining forces with us, your business could be all over the world discovering the promise of this new future, today. We have put many businesses head and shoulders above the competition with our technical and marketing expertise.

To find out how you can join us in this exciting future please go to our contact us page.



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