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Internet Pioneers make 
e-commerce simple... yet powerful.

We specialize in enabling Web sites to process credit card transactions. Using only the latest security, software and services for the e-commerce market place. Our solutions are the choice of some of the world's largest service providers. We have also formed a number of strategic partnerships to deliver e-commerce solutions that are simple to use yet very powerful.

Our mission is to deliver complete, easy-to-use and expandable solutions to help businesses tap the enormous opportunities of today's burgeoning e-commerce industry while creating a clear vision for addressing the e-commerce market place of tomorrow. 

There are tons of companies 
offering e-commerce solutions

What is the difference 
between us and them?

1. The Best Software
We've tried most of the software programs available to the world, and have chosen the same one that the Web E-Commerce leaders use.

2. 24/7 Tech Support
This is a must, do not settle for "calling back during business hours." Obviously these people don't care about your needs after 5 p.m. 

3. Privacy
Should be priority number one. No one else except you should be gathering data about your customers. Most third party providers capture all the data your Web site is gathering and most likely will be using it for their benefit, not yours...

4. Freedom
To add, discontinue or liquidate products as you wish to. We've developed credit card enabled Web sites that offer as little as 6 products or up to as many products as you wish to sell.

5. Expandability
Expanding and upgrading should be simple. When you need to expand your services or products, will your e-commerce software allow you to grow your business?

If you would like a free quote for setting up an e-commerce site please call Chad Jones @ 218-387-2075 or complete our contact form



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