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  • Digital Graphic Artist - Positions filled
    Individual must have solid hands-on experience digital design portfolio and capabilities with Adobe Photo Shop®, and Illustrator. 

  • Commission Sales Agent - Positions filled
    Previous experience as a sales representative and general knowledge of computers, E-mail, Web lingo and the Internet is required.
  • Office Assistant  - Positions filled
    60 plus words a minute, extensive experience with both Microsoft Office and Mac software is required. 
  • Web Development Specialist - Positions filled
    4 years experience with HTML, ASP programming and MS Access, SQL and Oracle databases. Solid hands-on Web authoring expertise and understanding of complete web development cycle. Must be proficient in HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Java, ASP, SQL and Visual Basic. Knowledge of ADO, CDO, ODBC, DLLs, RPC, COM, DCOM, and stored procedures. Knowledge of various communication standards such as TCP/IP, FTP, UDP, and SMTP. Solid hands on experience with standard systems development procedures to the full range of web development functions including requirements analysis, business process assessment, graphical layout and design, interactive content scripting, static content posting and editing, dynamic content development via relational database, quality assurance, web and application server setup and maintenance. Must have experience with Windows NT/9X server and workstation platforms.
  • Computer Technicians - Positions filled
    Performing upgrades, repairing and installing computer hardware/software, network operations and phone support. Must be Microsoft certified.

*PLEASE NOTE: We try to respond to as many job inquiries as we can, but it is impossible to contact or interview everyone. So if do not get back to you, please don't feel offended. 

All applicants will undergo a consensual / mandatory criminal background check with the state of Minnesota and the FBI, plus at least one "in person" interview before consideration will be given.

   >>Thank You for contacting Northland      Inter@ctive Inc. Our corporate headquarters are located in Grand Marais, Minnesota. With offices and consultants in St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota, Los Angeles, California and Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.


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